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The Bones line by Reaper Miniatures has been awesome for getting excellent looking version of their miniature lines into stores at a crazy reasonable price. Recently my flgs brought in a huge shipment of Bones, including some of the large models. As a result a friend of mine was given Nethyrmaul the Undying as a birthday present from a mutual friend. The box was then directly handed to me for assembly and painting (my addition to the B-day present).

For those unfamiliar with Nethyrmaul, he is a massive undead dragon. When assembled on his pedestal he stands over 12” tall.

First Impressions:

In a move that is really surprising for a miniatures company Nethyrmaul is a tad squished in his box. This has led to a couple small problems with assembly. Each of the pieces is nicely detailed and right away I was left with the horrific impression of skin rotted away, bones sticking out, but all the terrifying parts of a dragon were still there. The piece that struck me most was the tail. It is around 6” long and nasty looking.

For collectors I am sure the 4”+ rocky base he stands on would be awesome. However, my friend wants to use it for a game, and thus needs it to be on a regulation base. Being designed to stand on this pedestal is going to make it very difficult to put on a base.


In minutes I had Nethyrmaul put together. He stands together, unglued surprisingly well. For those that are thinking they might use him out of the box, this miniature can do that.

There is some trimming and shaping required in order make the miniature fit together without gaps. Especially inside the hollowed out chest.

Unfortunately, if your plan, like my friends is to mount him on a game base, you have two choices. You can either mount the pedestal on a base, in which case you would have something towering over the battle field (which isn’t terrible). Or, the more difficult process of trying to re-base the dragon.

Nethyrmaul`s feet are not evenly leveled, so in order to have him stand flat some type of uneven scenery would be needed. However, when the miniature is assembled his tail is meant to curve under him. By trimming the connecting tab off the tail a little green stuff work, that can be corrected. But the fingers of the wings still drag on the ground. They don`t look bad bent of the ground, but I am still considering trimming them. A re-positioning of the wings would be hard to do, as one of the wings in attached to a side piece.


This miniature is so cool. I can`t wait to get to some painting. Almost any chromatic dragon colour would look sweet on him. It truly does look terrifying, and has a great pose. Although Bones miniature sometimes lack come detail, the large size of Nethyrmaul allows for all that amazing detail to show through. Reaper Miniatures really did an awesome job here, and if you are a fan of dragon miniatures, I would really suggest this one to you.

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