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Rack and Ruin

Custom build your skirmish party.

Use your favorite fantasy miniatures from your collection.

Design a unique strategy for your team.

Level your heroes through campaign play.

Your legacy is the key to your victory.

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Download Play Aids: Party Record Sheet, Party Member Record Sheet, Quick Reference Sheets, Print-and Play Terrain Cards, Errata

Get the Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook, Terrain Cards and Spell Cards, all available now!

From a Land of Thunder and Ice Come the Storytellers of the Spiral Bridge…

This is the Time of Shattered Hope. The great empire has fallen, leaving only suffering and lawlessness across its massive territory. The fate of this land is now in hands of small groups of adventurers, be they heroes or villains.

Rack & Ruin is a campaign-based skirmish game designed for 25mm-35mm fantasy miniatures. Players design the 4-5 miniatures they want to use as characters and add more as monsters or apprentices that follow their heroes.

This book contains all the rules for building your party of Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Orc, Goblin, Risen and Beastman characters. Choose your party’s goal from the 6 provided and then customize your characters with 18 different skills, over 130 traits, and over 70 items.

Using a streamlined 2d6 system game play is designed to be easy to learn and flow quickly from player to player. Unlike other miniatures games Rack & Ruin is designed to play up to four players, the more the better.

Enter the Spiral Bridge and forge your story in the Time of Shattered Hope.

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