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    Face Off is the Best Reality S...

    16 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    By Gene Capar Okay, so, in general I carry little more than disdain for reality TV.  I hate the drama between contestants.  I hate pretend build up for some terrible thing that doesn’t happen.  I hate watching how really annoying people live.  So, when a show of this genre can grab my attention as thoroughly as this one has, I...

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    Episode 13 – Turgid or O...

    14 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 13 Turgid or Otherwise In this episode we discuss WWE’s legal action to trademark to “Too Sweet” hand gesture and Brody’s Apocalypse game. Gene takes some time to whine about Will saves in Pathfinder and the guys do their best Statler and Waldorf impressions.

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    Episode 12 – Bill Quiche

    6 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 12 Bill Quiche In this episode Gene and Bill talk about the DCU on television and Gene’s impending Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign.

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    5 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    No expansion I have written in the history of Rack & Ruin has ever repeatedly produced a resounding “meh” reaction as much as Familiars. However, unlike a lot of other bits and pieces that have come and gone over the years, familiars are a fantasy staple and a lot of cool miniatures come with them. So, dropping the mini-expansion all......

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