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As a dedicated Ork player since 3rd edition to say that I was excited for this release is a true understatement. Seeing all the coolness and awesome do-dads the other books were getting only added to the agonizing wait until I got it into my grubby mitts last week. So now with pretty much a week (almost) to chew on it (not literally) here is my thoughts on the Codex: Ork

What I Don’t Like
New Units: There are only two of them, really there is one new unit, but with different stuff. I was really hoping for more cool new stuff to play around with. Which leads me to…
Gorkanaut/ Morkanaut: For something that will still get nuked in one shot when my opponent lands their metagun laden tact squad behind me, that is a lot of points. More than that, since they are not super heavies they only move 6”, making sure my opponent has lots of time to shoot at them. Additionally, why give something that big only 6 transport capacity, when so much focus of the army’s rules are based on large squad size? Finally, it’s not even an assault vehicle, for a reason I just cannot understand, especially considering…
Close Combat Focus: The new mob rule punishes players for not being in close combat. Two of the Ork specific objective cards are based on close combat (one on shooting). This would suggest that Orks should be a close combat army, but for the second codex in a row I feel they were not given the tools to win these combats against any unit that isn’t garbage at it. With a brutally low initiative rating, even powerful characters are going to have a hard living to deliver attacks. One big reason for this is…
Lack of Invulnerable Saves: As far as I can tell Kaptain Badrukk is the only character that comes with or can be given an invulnerable save in close combat. In fact, one of the most flavouful pieces of Orky wargear that previously gave an invulnerable save, the Cybork Body has been beaten to death by the nerf bat.

What I’m Okay With
Mob Rule Changes: So much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The sky is falling! Orks are no longer fearless in large groups, they will never win again. Okay now that that is out of the way, I like this change. I wish more armies had to worry about Leadership, which has been almost written out of the game. I find the Mob Rule changes to be neat and flavourful. More over, the chart is random enough to keep the WAAC’ers away from my beloved Orks.
Ghazghkull is a Lord of War: So unexpected, and I am cool with surprises. While I think he is a little underpowered to contest that spot, he is a significantly cheaper way to fill that slot. And then you can have 3 more HQs and 3 Meks on top of that. Will I take Ghazzy instead of a Stompa? Probably not, but I like the possibilities.
Deth Rolla Nerfing: Sure I cried a little when I read this. But, soon I realized that the old deth rolla rules, while crazy powerful, were odd. And since ramming is way better in 7th, I am willing to this a pass. But like a D, barely a pass.
Lootas are Heavy: Yes they are. I wish they weren’t, but I accept they should be.
Biker Nerfing: Although the loss of the awesome, all the time cover, will hurt, I believe that bikers in general are better now, so I am okay with this change.

Things I Really Hate:
No FOC switches: WTF? Sorry, I mean…WTF? Not happy with this BS.
I Won’t be Needing Dreads this Edition: No squads, no FOC changes, and they are competing with Lootas and Battlewagons for heavy slots? Well, I guess I’ll keep a Dread Mob army together as well.
Cybork Sucks: Kinda mad about this. It is now garbage. Mad Doc Grotsnik has redundant wargear. A limited 5+ invulnerable save that is fun to model, not exactly OP.

Things I Like
Painboys as HQ: Now any squad I want can have Feel No Pain, and that is awesome. Especially when Orks players have 3 HQ slots to mess with.
Lootas Cost Less: Umm, okay, I have no idea why, but I accept it, with glee.
Layout: So much crying about the new layout, and I think it is great. I like the unit pages, that they gave a page to each major clan, and the new fluff. There has also been some complaining about the lack of artwork. I find the amount of artwork is fine, and I like the shots of the actual miniatures. The cover looks great, I am overall impressed.
Usable Flash Gitz: These do not suck beyond usability anymore. Not sure when I will use them, as that heavy slot is pretty packed, but I am happy to have them as an option.
Meks Outside the FOC!: For each HQ an Ork player takes they can take a Mek boy, with no slot spot. These can be added to any squad, which, like the painboy, is awesome.
Komandos: A unit that can take a nob, and a special character with no additional FOC slot taken up. Yea, give me more of that.
Stompas are in the Codex!?!: Boo-yah!

While the jury is still out on whether this was worth the wait or not the sky is certainly not falling. The world is not ending, and I will not be dumping my Orks and leaving GW forever. I like some of the options, and I am very interested to see some armies from this book hit the table.

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