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By Bill Hrenchuk

I’m sitting in an airport lounge right now, waiting for my plane.  Naturally, my thoughts turned to Blood Bowl.  How could they NOT?  As my resources are a bit limited, let’s talk about the other “in box” team: the Orcs.  It’s easy to refer to a team as like the humans, but… However, the Orcs are their own team, albeit straightforward.

Like the humans, the Orcs come ready to pass, run and fight at level one, but they mostly heard the word fight, though.  As instinctive as it is, Orcs have a few options. Every Orc team should hire a thrower.  If nothing else, someone’s gotta keep “da ball from da squishies when you smash ’em good”.  The true option is on whether you want to hire up to 2 goblins for a finesse passing game or a troll for extra punching.  Since both units have huge flaws, Orcs often vote for option 3: 4 Black Orcs and a somewhat limited, fighty team.

All of these options work though, Orcs are not a joke team.


Live to fight: Stronger than most teams, and second only to Dwarves in armour, Orcs are tough. If you like to fight, there are worse choices.

Not as dumb as they look: As stated earlier, Orcs can play any game out of the box, and their players are designed to succeed.  Further, you can buy a troll to make “yer boyz even ‘arder”.  Or goblins to add more speed and finesse.


Key player syndrome: Lose your thrower? Good luck picking up the ball. Lose a Black Orc? That’s one tenth of your starting team salary and a huge loss.

Scoring: Be ready to grind out 0-0 draw and 1-0 games. You are not an offensive dynamo.

Recommendation: New players can trust this team to not embarrass themselves. They never become dominant but always stay good, even at high levels.

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