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By Bill Hrenchuk

Welcome to the Blood Bowl team previews, #1! I’ll try to answer any and all questions about the game, and try to help our new players pick a team.

To that end: Team Previews. I’ll try to do one for every team, even the joke teams with no chance. After all, we’ve had players who have said “Wait, this is a joke team?”

Team of the day: Humans

Like most fantasy games, Humans are the balanced faction. They start off with middling stats, specialized players, and can choose to fight, run and pass the ball at their leisure, of depending on how your first few levels go.


Adaptability: You’ll never be better at brawling than a team devoted to fighting; but you’ll outplay them. Vice versa, you can’t out elf ball the elves, but you can hang with them and beat the crap out of them.

Customization: While not quite the blank slate that chaos teams are; you can decide on a style of play from day one, AND be pretty good at it.

Survivability and Teamwork: Humans work well together, with cheap re-rolls; and at the same time are not expensive, irreplaceable tanks pieces.


Not quite balanced: When BB first came out, humans were the average. but then a LOT of fighty teams came out. And it turns out people LIKE that style. So, humans are NOW more of a 60/40 team.

No obvious strategy: Their catchers are fast, but fragile. Their passer is only about as good as the Orc thrower. Their Blitzers are nothing special; and their big guy, the Ogre is a Loner who will do nothing on a play 1 out of 6 times. If you find yourself in an 8 team league with 7 other bashy teams, you may wonder how the devil you’re meant to win.


At 1000 Team value: Thumbs up. They are good out of the gate, and are one of the few teams who can throw, fresh out of the box.

At Mid game: After a few seasons… Actually after one season you’ll know if it’s time to retire them. They level nicely, with access to a large variety of skills… but their key players are key. when players retire, you can feel it.

At 1500+: If you’re human team has survived multiple seasons, it’s probably a keeper. At this point, you wildly outclass dwarves, but it’s Chaos teams who are now your hardest games.

Highly recommended for new players, though you may want to move on when you find your play style.

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