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    Episode 19 – I Choose Yo...

    30 November 2016 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 19 I Choose You Spiral Bridge Studios presents our new format! Gene and Bill are joined by Dane Simpson and the guys unbox Warhammer Quest: Silver  Tower and discuss the advancements made to Pokemon Go. After that the three discuss the upcoming game Star Wars: Destiny and why  more board games need apps. Read more

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    Steampunk Rally: A Review

    13 October 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Last night I had a few friends over for some board gaming.  One such friend brought a new game he’d picked up through Kickstarter: Steampunk Rally.  So, we decided to give it a spin (wakka, wakka). The Gist: In Steampunk Rally the players take on the role of historical inventers creating an insane driving device, trying to be the first...... Read more

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    Kitten Catastrophe Designer Jo...

    25 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    With the current fundraising campaign going on for Spiral Bridge’s first gaming effort, Rack & Ruin, it is easy to completely turn my attention that way.  However, that is not the only pot on the stove. A new game I have been working on called Kitten Catastrophe has also be grabbing my attention.  The rules have been given a first...... Read more

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    Blood Bowl Team preview #2: Or...

    3 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    By Bill Hrenchuk I’m sitting in an airport lounge right now, waiting for my plane.  Naturally, my thoughts turned to Blood Bowl.  How could they NOT?  As my resources are a bit limited, let’s talk about the other “in box” team: the Orcs.  It’s easy to refer to a team as like the humans, but… However, the Orcs... Read more

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    Blood Bowl Team Previews: Huma...

    2 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    By Bill Hrenchuk Welcome to the Blood Bowl team previews, #1! I’ll try to answer any and all questions about the game, and try to help our new players pick a team. To that end: Team Previews. I’ll try to do one for every team, even the joke teams with no chance. After all, we’ve had players who have said... Read more

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    Card Board Adventures

    6 October 2014 , by spiralbridge

    A Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game Review (Rise of the Runelords) By Gene Capar Recently, one of my board game buying friends, Ryan, picked up the Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game. More specifically the Rise of the Runelords adventure. Since then we have played it three times, and I thought it might be about time I did up a little review for... Read more

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