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    Episode 17 – Rack and Ru...

    23 January 2016 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 17 Rack and Rumble In this episode we discuss the the upcoming Royal Rumble, how not to sell games, and how Bill and the Krampus are saving Christmas. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    13 December 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello all, I thought I would take this chance to speak about an upcoming idea for Rack & Ruin, that will hopefully turn out to be a big deal: The Gates of Amael. “What is this wonderful idea?” you ask. Well, this idea represents something I have wanted to do with Rack & Ruin since long before it was published;... Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    24 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello all! It’s been a while since I wrote a designer journal entry, I figured I should do one. Work is progressing on Jewels and Ancient Things, but I think I’ll focus a later journal entry entirely on that. Instead, what I’d like to talk about is the completion of Rack & Ruin’s first mini-expansion, Bizarre Bazaar. Bizarre Bazaar has.... Read more

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    Building a “Cheesy” Salvat...

    21 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello everyone! It has been pointed out to me on a few occasions that the two “good guy” goals of Salvation and Protection are the two weakest of the seven goals in Rack & Ruin.  Naturally, I felt the need to test it myself, and opportunity has recently presented itself in the form a new campaign being Heralded by another... Read more

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    My Favourite Rack & Ruin ...

    17 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    For those unfamiliar with Rack & Ruin selecting and placing terrain is kind of a mini-game unto itself before the game takes place.  This phase happens before players know which side of the table they will be starting on, an important factor that must be kept in mind. Depending on the Scenario each player gets a number of terrain points... Read more

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    Why Should I Play Rack & ...

    11 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    There is a simple truth I have known for a long time now, Rack & Ruin is not for everyone. Those who like my little game really seem to like it.  But, that is a niche. So, the question that stands before you is the title of this article. After reading a great essay on game design I began to... Read more

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    Episode 14 – Hunny, We&#...

    20 August 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 14 Hunny, We’re Home! With their triumphant return Gene, Bill and Brody discuss some video games related to table-top gaming, why Lucha Underground is awesome and we discover that Gene is still bitter at Brody for making disparaging Firefly remarks a few months ago. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin’s First...

    8 August 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello All, Time for another update for Rack & Ruin. This time it’s new product. Recently we have launched both our Spell Cards and Terrain Cards as Print-and-Play and Print-on-Demand versions, meaning that we have now completed our last Kickstarter. So now it’s time for something new. With the end of the last set of production we ha... Read more

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    Episode 12 – Bill Quiche

    6 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 12 Bill Quiche In this episode Gene and Bill talk about the DCU on television and Gene’s impending Werewolf: The Apocalypse campaign. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    5 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    No expansion I have written in the history of Rack & Ruin has ever repeatedly produced a resounding “meh” reaction as much as Familiars. However, unlike a lot of other bits and pieces that have come and gone over the years, familiars are a fantasy staple and a lot of cool miniatures come with them. So, dropping the mini-expansion all...... Read more

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