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    Rack & Ruin Update

    18 February 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Core Rulebook Page Spread     Here is a spread from some of the layout that has been down for the Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook. People that have seen the latest errata will already know that this page is a little out of date as a wording change has taken place, altering Leadership Total and Leadership Checks to Resolve... Read more

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    The Terrain Game #1: Wizard...

    20 January 2015 , by spiralbridge

    By Gene Capar Welcome to a new series here at Spiral Bridge Studios, The Terrain Game. Most miniatures games benefit from the use of game terrain and this series of articles is designed to show you some of the pre-made terrain I have bought and really enjoyed or some tips and tutorials on making your own. Today I will be... Read more

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    Creating a Rack & Ruin Pa...

    27 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    Creating a Destruction Party By Gene Capar Hey everyone!  I thought I might like to write a blog post about Rack & Ruin and creating a party seems like the right place to start. For this post I choose to go with a straight forward build, but with a bit of trait manipulation and a follower to flush it out... Read more

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    A Review of Curse of the Crims...

    26 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    Curse of the Crimson Throne By Gene Capar Played: All In Curse of the Crimson Throne the players are thrown into a world of unrest, plague, anarchy, intrigue and regicide.  The nation of Varisia is on the edge, and once it goes over, only the players can bring it back.  As one of the earlier adventure paths this story was... Read more

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    Kitten Catastrophe Designer Jo...

    25 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    With the current fundraising campaign going on for Spiral Bridge’s first gaming effort, Rack & Ruin, it is easy to completely turn my attention that way.  However, that is not the only pot on the stove. A new game I have been working on called Kitten Catastrophe has also be grabbing my attention.  The rules have been given a first...... Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    12 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    Ogres vs. Orcs In the mini-expansion Rumbling Bellies a new character race is introduced, Ogres. While there are plans to introduce two more character races in the first full expansion book for Rack & Ruin, Reap the Harvest, Ogres have created a unique challenge: How do I make them different enough from Orcs to make it worth having a separate..... Read more

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    Evil Sunz in 7th Ed.

    10 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    By Gene Capar MegaMek Neeg has sent one of his warbosses out cause havoc across the sector.  Warboss Vroomdagga has assembled his fellow Evil Sunz into a force that must be dealt with. Since I assembled a 2500 pt force of my Orks and started painting them red I have played 2 games.  One  at 2500 and one at 1750. ... Read more

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    Protecting Your Burdens

    9 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    A Review of The Secrets of Cats Adventure for FATE Core By Gene Capar I love FATE. In fact, I routinely try to convince my play group that what we need to do is convert all our current campaigns into FATE games. While that hasn’t worked, I have been able to have them join me on all sorts of wacky... Read more

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    The Tempest Has Begun

    8 November 2014 , by spiralbridge

    Spiral Bridge Studio is proud to announce our first effort in game publishing has gone live on Kickstarter. You can check out our Rack & Ruin page for more information about the game. You can check out our Kickstarter here.   Thank you, Gene Read more

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