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    Episode 1 – Role Playing...

    23 October 2014 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 1 Role Playing in Rokugan Dave Laderoute from AEG talks with Gene and Brody the Minion about Legend of the Five Rings and the Winter Court event. Read more

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    Episode 0 – My 5 Favouri...

    18 October 2014 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 0 My 5 Favourite Games Gene and Brody the Minion introduce themselves and discuss Gene’s 5 favourite games. Read more

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    Card Board Adventures

    6 October 2014 , by spiralbridge

    A Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game Review (Rise of the Runelords) By Gene Capar Recently, one of my board game buying friends, Ryan, picked up the Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game. More specifically the Rise of the Runelords adventure. Since then we have played it three times, and I thought it might be about time I did up a little review for... Read more

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    A Review of Pathfinder Adventu...

    24 November 2013 , by spiralbridge

      In the first part of this series I looked at the two Pathfinder adventure paths I had played the furthest in. They were Council of Thieves and Curse of the Crimson Throne. In this part, I would like to review two other paths I have started. Please note that most of these reviews are based on less than two... Read more

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    When is a Game Good Enough?

    19 November 2013 , by spiralbridge

      Hello all. Recently, I’ve been looking at a set of rules I self-published several years ago under the name Rack and Ruin. Although it was very popular among my friends and a few others who still speak of it fondly, certain things about the game never felt quite right with me. So, I made changes, and then more, and... Read more

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    A Review of Council of Thieves...

    18 November 2013 , by spiralbridge

     Council of Thieves A Review by Gene Capar Played: The Bastards of Erebus, The Sixfold Trial, What Lies in Dust, The Infernal Syndrome, Mother of Flies While my play group has been taking this one slowly over a number of years, it was the first adventure path for Pathfinder we ever touched.  We stand with one adventure left to go,... Read more

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    Game Books Do Not Have Expiry ...

    14 November 2013 , by spiralbridge

      Among the many different games my gaming group play there is one that stands out in particular. My players like the system, love the genre and have well developed characters. Now here’s the kicker; the game we are playing is…no longer in print! We are playing the Serenity RPG. Serenity the RPG is based on the movie and TV... Read more

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