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    Episode 17 – Rack and Ru...

    23 January 2016 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 17 Rack and Rumble In this episode we discuss the the upcoming Royal Rumble, how not to sell games, and how Bill and the Krampus are saving Christmas. Read more

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    Episode 15 – Summer Slam...

    29 August 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 15 Summer Slam Blues In this episode the guys discuss why NXT Takeover was better than Summer Slam, why breaking through a locked door in a role-playing game isn’t always the best idea and Gene and Brody discuss a small 40K tournament they recently attended. Read more

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    Episode 14 – Hunny, We&#...

    20 August 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 14 Hunny, We’re Home! With their triumphant return Gene, Bill and Brody discuss some video games related to table-top gaming, why Lucha Underground is awesome and we discover that Gene is still bitter at Brody for making disparaging Firefly remarks a few months ago. Read more

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    Face Off is the Best Reality S...

    16 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    By Gene Capar Okay, so, in general I carry little more than disdain for reality TV.  I hate the drama between contestants.  I hate pretend build up for some terrible thing that doesn’t happen.  I hate watching how really annoying people live.  So, when a show of this genre can grab my attention as thoroughly as this one has, I... Read more

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