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    Episode 19 – I Choose Yo...

    30 November 2016 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 19 I Choose You Spiral Bridge Studios presents our new format! Gene and Bill are joined by Dane Simpson and the guys unbox Warhammer Quest: Silver  Tower and discuss the advancements made to Pokemon Go. After that the three discuss the upcoming game Star Wars: Destiny and why  more board games need apps. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    24 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello all! It’s been a while since I wrote a designer journal entry, I figured I should do one. Work is progressing on Jewels and Ancient Things, but I think I’ll focus a later journal entry entirely on that. Instead, what I’d like to talk about is the completion of Rack & Ruin’s first mini-expansion, Bizarre Bazaar. Bizarre Bazaar has.... Read more

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    Building a “Cheesy” Salvat...

    21 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello everyone! It has been pointed out to me on a few occasions that the two “good guy” goals of Salvation and Protection are the two weakest of the seven goals in Rack & Ruin.  Naturally, I felt the need to test it myself, and opportunity has recently presented itself in the form a new campaign being Heralded by another... Read more

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    My Favourite Rack & Ruin ...

    17 November 2015 , by spiralbridge

    For those unfamiliar with Rack & Ruin selecting and placing terrain is kind of a mini-game unto itself before the game takes place.  This phase happens before players know which side of the table they will be starting on, an important factor that must be kept in mind. Depending on the Scenario each player gets a number of terrain points... Read more

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    Episode 16 – There is no...

    16 October 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 16 There is no Podcast, Only Zuul In this episode we discuss the new cool kids game here in the city, Gene’s new toy and Gene’s new M&M campaign. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin’s First...

    8 August 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello All, Time for another update for Rack & Ruin. This time it’s new product. Recently we have launched both our Spell Cards and Terrain Cards as Print-and-Play and Print-on-Demand versions, meaning that we have now completed our last Kickstarter. So now it’s time for something new. With the end of the last set of production we ha... Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Designer Jour...

    22 April 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Hello all, With the Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook having been released digitally a few days ago and the printed version imminent, I thought I might talk about what is next for the game. Very Soon First, a new beta version of the Bizarre Bazaar mini-expansion has been completed.  For those of you on the Voice in the Council mailing... Read more

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    Episode 13 – Turgid or O...

    14 March 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 13 Turgid or Otherwise In this episode we discuss WWE’s legal action to trademark to “Too Sweet” hand gesture and Brody’s Apocalypse game. Gene takes some time to whine about Will saves in Pathfinder and the guys do their best Statler and Waldorf impressions. Read more

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    Rack & Ruin Update

    18 February 2015 , by spiralbridge

    Core Rulebook Page Spread     Here is a spread from some of the layout that has been down for the Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook. People that have seen the latest errata will already know that this page is a little out of date as a wording change has taken place, altering Leadership Total and Leadership Checks to Resolve... Read more

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    Episode 9 – A Romantic E...

    30 January 2015 , by spiralbridge

    The Dragon’s Outhouse Episode 9 A Romantic Ending In this episode Gene, Brody and Bill the Commish discuss why it would suck to be the minions of Batman villains, why the local 40k play group is withered and make Royal Rumble predictions (see the clever title). Read more

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