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By Gene Capar

MegaMek Neeg has sent one of his warbosses out cause havoc across the sector.  Warboss Vroomdagga has assembled his fellow Evil Sunz into a force that must be dealt with.

Since I assembled a 2500 pt force of my Orks and started painting them red I have played 2 games.  One  at 2500 and one at 1750.  Both have been unquestioned, dominant victories.

So, since I originally put the force together to be a fluffy Evil Sunz list, my success has forced me to reflect on “Why?”

While, I know, 2 games is a really small test I would like to share what has forced my Space Marine opponents to suffer these crushing defeats.


Warboss Vroomdagga (Zhadsnark Da Rippa)

So not every 40k circle welcomes Forge World, but for those that do, this guy is amazing.  He does two main things for this list; first he makes the two biker units objective secured, second he kicks a lot of ass on the battle field.  Adding him to a unit of biker nobz turns them into a deathstar.  They pack too much anti-troop firepower, hand to hand destruction capacity and speed for my opponent to ignore.  They have to be dealt with.  But they have FNP (5+) from a painboy on a bike, a really good cover save if they turbo boosted, multiple wounds and 5 toughness.  They are not easy to kill, forcing my opponent to use his big guns to bear on this unit.

With a squad of Nobz to eat any damage the unit takes Zhadsnark will get into assault.  There he has 5 attacks, at full initiative with a power klaw.  That will stop most units, and most vehicles.


I put a painboy on a bike and run him with nobz and the warlord to help the unit stay alive and killy.  His use outside of that is somewhat minimal, but giving tough unit FNP is good enough IMHO.


My Klawstompa is actually a Kustom Stompa with 2 Titan CCW’s, and 2 super skorchas.  He has 12 hull points and totals 470pts.  He can dish out a tonne of damage, and moves 13″ with a red paint job.  My opponent cannot ignore that.  But wait, didn’t I say the same thing about the deathstar nob unit?  Exactly, now I am making them choose between two really unpleasant units.  And while they figuring out what to do about those two units my troops can get up close and personal.


Okay, so not every Ork player is bonkers enough to own 20 bikers.  But, those two squads of bikers have worked like a charm.  The anti-troop fire power has huge, and as Orks, they can do some damage in assault too.  Plus they are fast enough to grab objectives for easy points when I turn up objective cards that are no where near me.

Zhadsnrak makes them troops, so I can run and grab objectives with objective secured.

And, really, what is an Evil Sunz army without bikers?

Trukk Boyz

I run two units currently, but I may add some more.  Really, these work because they are low priority targets.  They can grab objectives, or take a run at weaker units.  The trukks can also run off by them selves to tank shock units (more annoying then really dangerous) or just stay in front to help obscure LoS and provide some cover for the boyz.

Dakka Jetz

Okay, this unit I truly run for mostly fluff value.  I love the look of the model, and mine have some custom jobs that give them character.

I run 2, and they do provide some dog fight ability to harass enemy flyers, but mostly they are there because they are red and very fast.  I find Ork flyers, in general, kinda suck.  But, hey, they are cool looking and fun.


I have up to three Meks that hang out together inside the Klawstompa, if I have a few points to fill.  I give them all Kustom Mega Blastas (cause that is what the mini has) and on the off chance they do some damage.  Mostly though, they are there to try and heal a few hull point and keep the Klawstompa stomping.  They are cheap, and when they work they make my opponent sigh a little.


I haven’t really used buggies since 4th edition, but I really like them now.  They are cheaper (with the TL Rokkit Launcha) and outflank.  Since this army is needs some ability to damage vehicles at range, these guys are helpful.  They arn’t very tough, but at 90pts for a unit of 3, they can quickly recover their points, or provide a good distraction.


Heavy Flamers

Even at T5, these will chew up your bikers.  I try to have the big stuff take down any of these ASAP, they are a priority.

Big Armour

At range, only the buggies and meks have any chance of damaging armour 13 or 14.  Luckily, your nobz and even the Klawstompa are fast.  The trukks can ram, but they arn’t that good at it now that speed isn’t a factor.

Thunder Fire Cannons

Lower your head to the table and kiss your Orks goodbye.  This thing has to go ASAP, hands down, no question.


This army is really fun to play, and I feel competitive.  I haven’t used some of these units in a while, but together they work.  They key is to get into your opponent’s areas as early as possible.  Actually, they key is to enjoy yourself, and this army has had me enjoying 40k more than I have for a bit now.

Thanks for reading.


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