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Mecha War Ultra (MWU) is a miniature tabletop wargame where two (or more) players are the generals of squadrons of giant robot armor suits, in battle against each other. MWU is currently in its second round of alpha testing, having had its core system recently overhauled.

Each player designs his squadron by selecting a group of mecha from his miniature, toy or model collections. The exact style of the mecha is an aesthetic choice, but MWU is designed to work on a 28mm scale. Squadrons are constructed by selecting Unit cards to represent the miniatures a player wishes to field and adding Upgrade cards until a predetermined point total is reached.

Unit cards in MWU are all different classes of Mecha. The actual size of a miniature will partially determine a Mecha’s class. The smallest class start at 2” and the largest class tops out around 12”. Besides size, a class also has a set of starting skills and a list of which upgrades that class may be given.

For example: a Mars Class mecha is large (3”-5”) and has excellent rating in the Shoot and Power scores, making it deadly in ranged combat. In addition, it may be upgraded with a more powerful weapon and/or extra armor.

Each unit card has a base cost. In general, the larger the mecha in MWU the greater the cost. Upgrade cards also have a cost, these are added to the value of the unit.

MWU is designed to be played on a 4’x4′ or equivalent surface. However, players can use whatever surface they choose, especially if they are using much larger point values. Each player is then dealt three Objective cards from the mutual objective deck. A player may use the action of a mecha is his squadron to take the Obtain Additional Orders action to discard objective cards and draw new ones.

A game is broken down into a number of rounds. Each round, during a game players take turn activating their units. In a basic, 15pt game each player gets one activation during their turn, for sure, but may attempt to take more. However, these additional activations may fail, leaving a Mecha marked as activated, but not having actually done anything. A round ends when all players have activated all their mecha. At the end of round 5 players roll to see if the game ends, if the roll succeeds another round is played.

During an activation a mecha may perform one of the actions listed on the rules pages. Some actions will include movement, which must be done before the action is taken. Some actions do not allow movement, so a mecha must remain stationary to perform that action.

Mecha War Ultra uses a 2d6 dice system. When a Mecha is attempting an action it will be one of two kinds of rolls, an opposed roll or a feat roll. A feat roll has a mark, a target number which must be matched or beaten by a roll of 2d6 + the mecha’s skill. The standard mark for any roll is 12.

For Example: A roll to reactivate a disabled upgrade has a mark of 12. A Vulcan class mecha has a Tech skill of 7. So in order to succeed at the roll a player would have to roll a 5 or better on the 2d6 roll.

An opposed roll is basically the same, but the opposing players both roll 2d6, with each other’s total acting as the mark. The player with the higher total is the winner of the opposed roll.

MWU also uses a mutual damage deck shared by all players. When a mecha is damaged, cards from the damage deck are dealt out. Once a mecha has taken damage cards equal to its structure it is destroyed. Some damage cards will have additional effects that will hamper a mecha until repaired or the end of the game.

At the end of the game players score a number of points equal to the total value of any objectives they achieved and any mecha they destroyed. The player with the most points is the winner.

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