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Tabletop Games – Design, Development, Discussion

Spiral Bridge Studios encompasses all of the gaming and geekery projects of Gene Capar, Owner, Designer and all-round genius. Currently there are three major elements to Spiral Bridge, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be more some day.

Element One – Blog and Facebook. Our Blog hosts reviews, articles and gaming commentary about a variety of games and geeky stuff in general. It also is place to find designer journals of our game design projects. These articles can also be found on Facebook, as well as links to other gaming blogs, tutorials and news sites that are related to gaming.

Element Two – Game Design. Our first project, Rack & Ruin is currently in production, having successfully completed a Kickstarter in December 2014. Several other gaming products are currently in development.

Element Three – The Dragon’s Outhouse podcast. A weekly podcast where Gene is joined by co-hosts Brody the Minion and Bill the Commish, as well as special guests, to discuss tabletop gaming, wrestling and general geekery.

Spiral Bridge Studios - 2015