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Ogres vs. Orcs

In the mini-expansion Rumbling Bellies a new character race is introduced, Ogres. While there are plans to introduce two more character races in the first full expansion book for Rack & Ruin, Reap the Harvest, Ogres have created a unique challenge:

How do I make them different enough from Orcs to make it worth having a separate race?

In the first alpha test of Rumbling Bellies the answer was clear, if you wanted something useful, take Orcs. Ogres were a huge challenge dump with useless abilities and more restrictions. For the second alpha test version I have dropped the serious drawbacks, but now, they’re too similar.

So, in order to fix the issue, I have to take a step back and examine what Orcs are about in Rack & Ruin, and compare it to what I want Ogres to be.

Orcs in Play

Orcs are meant to be most likely race to prevail in combat. Not with skills, like Elves or Dwarves, but with an unrelenting tenacity. When your opponent is fielding a party with Orcs, there should be little doubt what they are there for.

Ogres in Play

Originally Ogres were put together as something of a joke. They were silly, and all about food. While that is amusing, it led to no one using them. They need a new concept as a race.
I am thinking I should angle their racial theme to more of an “incredible bulk” concept. If you want doors forced open or someone to take a bunch of damage and stay standing, you get an Ogre.

Perhaps by sticking to these guidelines I can make sure the two races are both useful, but play differently.  Any feedback is certainly appreciated.

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