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Hello all,

With the Rack & Ruin Core Rulebook having been released digitally a few days ago and the printed version imminent, I thought I might talk about what is next for the game.

Very Soon

First, a new beta version of the Bizarre Bazaar mini-expansion has been completed.  For those of you on the Voice in the Council mailing list (formerly the Beta Test List), expect your download link to be sent out this evening.

A few items have been cleared up, some timing issues fixed, and some compliance issues with the final version of the rulebook. Of course, the main thing solved from the previous versions is that none of the item descriptions are missing.

Pretty Soon

We are currently awaiting one final step before we can have the printed copies sent to our Kickstarter backers, the minute that is done, the book will be available to the public.

We understood this final step to be an option, one that seemed unnecessary, but we discovered it was not.  Basically, it comes down to being first timers.

By the End of April

Rack & Ruin first expansion, Rise of the Demon Bound, is expected to have its first draft ready for alpha testing by the end of the month.

RotDB will feature a new goal (Corruption), a new character race (Hellborn), and a new type of character.  As well as several new spells and traits.

Terrain and Spell cards will be available.  On our Website there will be a print and play version of the cards, but full color, professional cards should also be completed by then.  Some of our Kickstarter backers are expecting these and they will be shipped as soon as possible.

In May

Assuming the beta testing of Bizarre Bazaar has gone well we plan to release it as a completed digital product by the end of May.

We are hoping to turn to Kickstarter, once again, to fund the production of Rise of the Demonbound, but only once all backers have gotten everything they are expecting from the rulebook kickstarter.

An updated beta test of the Familiars expansion should be released, so far there has been a greatly increased level of interest in the expansion among the beta testers which I would consider a great improvement over previous versions.

Warriors of the Empty Hand is a mini-expansion we have been alpha testing in my play group.  So far it has gone very well, with the rules being used regularly, but only a few concerns about power level.  WotEH contains rules for grappling, a new quest called The Tournament and more traits that use unarmed attacks.  The goal is to get the first beta version in the hands of the players on the mailing list in May.

Further On

It is our goal to be releasing mini-expansions regularly.   But, it is our policy to ensure they are play tested, balanced, and as free of confusion as possible.

With that in mind, an updated version of the Rumbling Bellies mini-expansion will most likely be coming in short order, but there is no specific timeline set for that.

Blade’s Edge is another mini-expansion currently being written (taking a back seat to RotDB at the moment).  So far it mainly focuses on new trait “trees” that play off the Duelist and Prowler traits.  Improving the use of small and light weapons.

Army of the Spider King is the second planned expansion for Rack & Ruin.  It will focus on Goblins, introduce racial trait “trees”, and have lots of magic and items specifically made to play to a Goblin character’s gifts.  The work done thus far has been extremely flavorful and a lot of fun.

And Finally

Once we have a collection of Heralds registering with us we hope to begin an interactive story line determined by the players.  Now, to be clear, I am borrowing this concept from the Legends of the Five Rings card game.  But it is one of my favorite aspects of the game, and I would love to see players have a chance to mold the future of the Empire.

The exact why’s and what-nots of an interactive storyline still need to be worked out, but there are a selection of story lines that I have begun to formulate.  Some aspects might decided by vote and some by special campaign outcome reporting.

I can’t wait until we have enough players to get this into gear.

So There, you have it!

And that is most of what is going on in my brain as to the future of Rack & Ruin.  With this game finally seeing the light of day, i feel a bit like Jack Sparrow taking the wheel of his ship, “Now… bring me that horizon!”

Thanks for reading,


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