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Hello all!

It’s been a while since I wrote a designer journal entry, I figured I should do one.

Work is progressing on Jewels and Ancient Things, but I think I’ll focus a later journal entry entirely on that.

Instead, what I’d like to talk about is the completion of Rack & Ruin’s first mini-expansion, Bizarre Bazaar. Bizarre Bazaar has been the most wanted expansion of any of our beta versions, and now that I am looking at a completed version, I honestly think it is my finest work thus far.

What is this Expansion About?

For the benefit of anybody reading that is unfamiliar with our beta versions, join the Voice in the Council mailing list.

The concept of this expansion is that there is a magical marketplace that seems to always have exceedingly rare or impossible items. Adventurers can attempt to locate the Bazaar and purchase one of these items.

However, this strange caravan has its own set of indiscernible etiquette, and failing to obey it can result in being over-charged. Meanwhile, offending the merchants of the Bazaar can result in terrible curses being inflicted on those demonstrating repugnant behavior.


Yes, locating the Bazaar requires a feat roll, and failure means a miniature completely misses it. Furthermore, only one miniature per party can attempt to find the Bazaar per out-of-game action segment.

If a miniature does find the Bazaar, then the player rolls one random item to determine what the merchants are offering to them. There are 36 items in this expansion (d66).

After determining the item the miniature must make a Charm skill based feat roll. Failure on this roll will almost certainly result in a drastic increase in the price. However, that is not always the case as the price is also random. After being given a price the player may decide to purchase the item or not.

However, if either roll is a Mishap, the player must roll on the Random Curse Table, conveniently provided with this expansion.

Is it Worth it?

You better believe it. Well, 9 times out of 10 anyway. Sometimes you just end up with an item your party set up has no use for and the merchants want an arm and leg for it, but that’s part of the gamble.

But, since the Bizarre items range from really good to lots of fun, the gamble is taken by most players as often as they can spare the out-of-game actions.

What does the Final Version Include?

Well, for starters the rules for all 36 Bizarre items. From the Loincloth of Rage to Magic Beans they are all here.

There are also rules for locating the Bizarre Bazaar and the extremely rare chance of finding a Bizarre item as treasure.

In addition, there is fluff. In my opinion, lots of it. And I think it’s pretty good (but the editor will let me know).

Final Word

I am really excited to see the Rack & Ruin product line expanded. I am hoping to have another mini-expansion ready to go by the time Jewels and Ancient Things is ready, but once the book is finished the timeline is out of my hands a bit with editing and layout.

Thanks for reading,

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