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Hello all, I thought I would take this chance to speak about an upcoming idea for Rack & Ruin, that will hopefully turn out to be a big deal: The Gates of Amael.

“What is this wonderful idea?” you ask.

Well, this idea represents something I have wanted to do with Rack & Ruin since long before it was published; an interactive storyline campaign.

For winning a play tester campaign I gave core play tester Tim Melnick the option to choose what the first major storyline would be in the Time of Shattered Hope. He chose that permanent gates to the celestial realm would open.

So, that is what has happened. Now, players have the chance to influence what happens next.


Well, here we go. First of all, if you would like to play in an official Gates of Amael Campaign you will have to register (there will be an announcement when registration opens). We are hoping that each player who joins an official campaign will first purchase the upcoming Gate of Amael campaign guide (we are looking at a price of $1).

A Herald who would like to run an official campaign must be a registered player, and must register his or her campaign (again an announcement will be made when registration becomes available).

The campaign is organized into 15 weeks. Once the campaign has been completed the results of the campaign are reported to Spiral Bridge Studios and we are going to compile it all.

3 months after registration opens we will close registration, and once all campaign have completed the goal that has accumulated the most legacy will receive storyline and mechanical benefits reflecting the fact that the denizens of Amael have been swayed to their cause.


The Dawn of Legends campaign guide is more than just that. It also contains a general guide for Heralds on how to run any campaign.

Beyond that it contains three unique scenarios, a new out-of-game action, and rules for having a home base.

Oh, yea, and the rules for angels as a character race; called the Daevah.

I am really hoping for success for this campaign and I would love to run more like it in the future. But, let me know what you think.


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