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By Gene Capar

Welcome to a new series here at Spiral Bridge Studios, The Terrain Game. Most miniatures games benefit from the use of game terrain and this series of articles is designed to show you some of the pre-made terrain I have bought and really enjoyed or some tips and tutorials on making your own.

Today I will be looking at the Wizard’s Tower by Pegasus Games. I recently add this item to my terrain collection, after months of seeing one on the shelf at my FLGS and wanting it.

Why did it take months? Well, I was a hard core believer in making my own terrain, but after months of buying supplies and getting some work done here and there, with not a single finished terrain piece (or a completed game board) to show for it. I knew, that if I wanted to build my ultimate Rack & Ruin terrain collection, I was gonna have to let myself buy that Wizard’s Tower.

So, was I disappointed when I finally made my purchase? On with the review.

w5036aWizard’s Tower
Company: Pegasus Games
Cost: $29.99 (CAD)
Scale: 28mm

Size: The Wizard’s Tower stands just over 12″ tall and the base has a diameter of about 5.5″. However, most of the building is well thinner than that, and the roof peaks to a point.

About half the height of the tower is actual tower, the rest is a massive stone base with a spiraling stair case up to the front door. As a nice touch the stairs are large enough for the base of an average 28mm figure to fit on.

Composition: This terrain piece is made of Polystone. If you don’t know what that is, neither did I, so I looked it up. Put simply, it is a mixture of poly resin and powdered stone. It is often used in sculpture due to being a cold cast mixture and capturing even minute detail from the mold.

The polystone gives the tower a solid feel, but lighter in weight than most people expect. I wouldn’t want to drop it on the ground, but it does feel solid. I don’t see this piece crumbling from average game use. Same goes for the little bits that stick out, like the trap door and the chimney, both seem fairly sturdy.

Appearance: First of all, you are very much getting exactly what the box says; no one with even a passing knowledge of the fantasy genre is going to look at this piece and think anything other than Wizard’s Tower.

There are some cool details, like the “claw” hinges of the front door, support beams going from the building to the edge of the roof, weathering and crumbling on the tower’s base and the rickety, uneven looking roof.

The stone work that makes up the majority of the actual tower is a little uninspired and basic. And since this is a pre-painted piece the dry brushing on the majority of the Wizard’s Tower is mediocre. However, these are really only noticed while you’re holding it in front of your face, on the game table the colors blend in nicely.

Overall: I really do like this piece and I am happy to own it. The look is classic, the details are nice. The paint job is what you can expect from any pre-painted piece, and it feels solid without weighing a ton.

Rating: 8/10

Check it out at: http://www.pegasushobbies.com/gm_main.htm#

Or at your Friendly Local Game Store

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